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Information for Software Developers

Information for Software Developers

The Iowa Department of Revenue provides Iowa tax forms under development. Forms are posted to the Forms Content area of the developer site as final drafts become available, including “last revised” date. Substitute forms need to replicate the Department's version. It is the developer’s responsibility to recognize that forms may change and to update their submission.

Forms will be removed from the development site as they are posted to the Department’s public site at Select forms will remain on the developer site throughout the year.

Iowa Barcode Program:

A barcode manual, 1D and 2D specifications, 2D test package and other information are available on the developer site. A blank "quiet zone" is provided on the forms for the placement of the barcodes.

Software developers need to submit their registration and recreated forms annually for approval. If you discover errors or have questions, please contact us at

MeF Software Providers:

The Department offers electronic filing of income tax returns for individuals, estates & trusts, corporations, s corporations, partnerships, franchise and pass-through entity composite. This guide explains Iowa’s MeF program: Iowa Modernized e-File (MeF) Information for eFile Providers (pdf)

2023 Tax Software Provider Iowa Letter of Intent Guide (pdf)

Iowa Tax Form Registration & Approval:

Everything you need to become approved to produce substitute Iowa forms, including 1D and 2D barcodes, is in the Development Area. If you discover errors or have questions about any Iowa tax form, please contact us by email ( To obtain approval and access to the Development Area, you need to:

Access Iowa Tax Forms:

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